Lab Services

We run a film processing service for C-41 and Black and White negative films. All colour film is run through our ‘dip and dunk’ processor which eradicate any issues inherent with standard mini-lab processors. Our Black and White process is carried out by hand.

We can process every format; 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 and obsolete formats.

We operate the legendary Fuji Frontier SP-3000 scanner as a per roll service. It produces beautiful scans from 35mm and every format of 120 film. The scans are inspected and corrected where necessary. We can deliver jpeg or tiff files in medium and high resolutions.

For customers who need more flexibility in post or very large scans of their negatives (for exhibitions, for example) we operate a Fuji Lanovia C-550 scanner, charged on a per frame basis. This is capable of delivering 16-bit tiff files of any medium be it transparency, negative or prints at 10,000 pixels on the longest edge.

We also provide beautiful, bespoke hand prints in both black and white and colour in our on-site darkrooms on Ilford and Fuji Crystal Archive papers.

You can drop your film in during our opening hours, or alternatively use our online store if you’re unable to visit. Get in touch for any special requests or large projects.